Well-being during the Covid-19 pandemic

These are challenging, unprecedented times for us all. This page contains information, links and resources to support the well-being of our families and children during the pandemic.

13th May 2020

Resources from Essex Child and Family Wellbeing Service:

ECFWS Weekly bulletin

Letter to child superheroes


Emotional wellbeing during the Covid-19 outbreak:


Maintaining your wellbeing, including when staying at home or indoors:

Very helpful emotional and practical advice: https://www.mind.org.uk/information-support/coronavirus-and-your-wellbeing/

Explaining Coronavirus to children: 

Brainpop video on the coronavirus for Years approx. 3-7



Social Story about Coronavirus

Carol Gray (creator of Social Stories™) has created a Social Story regarding the pandemic. Social Stories need to meet a set of criteria about the type and amount of statements included, and are often used to support pupils with social communication or Autism Spectrum needs. This one could equally be used with neurotypical children/young people too.



Educational Psychologist guidance for supporting unsettled children 

Coronavirus guidance feb 2020