Montgomery Family Groups

At Montgomery our classes are grouped in family groups, to support transition through the school.

Where possible we try to ensure that siblings are placed in the same family group so that families stay with the same, familiar teaching groups during their time at Montgomery.

Research shows that children being able to mix with different age groups supports their sense of responsibility; with older children supporting younger children and younger children learning from older children.

As an additional plus, children will become familiar with their next class teacher over the year. All classroom based staff will get to know the children who will be joining them in the future, as well as our older children having the opportunity to see staff who may have taught them in previous years.

As a parent, you will know which classes your child will be going into as they move up through the school. We are hoping that this will reduce any transition worries in the future for our children.

How does it work?

Classes have been put into family groups:

Tortoise Class, Bee class, Yeti Class - Torbeeyeti Family group

Dragon class, Elephant class, Cat class - Dragelecat Family group

Rabbit Class, Frog Class, Chameleon Class - Rabfrogleon Family group


Family group sessions

Each family group will have three groups of 30, made up of 10 children from each class. These groups meet each term for   ‘ Stay and Play ’ type activities. This group will stay the same throughout their time in Montgomery (obviously, as children leave, new children will be welcomed into one of the groups). The group will spend a term meeting in each class base, giving them an opportunity to become familiar with the different classroom environments.

We really believe that our children benefit from visiting different classes, with other children that they will become familiar with over the year.